Halfling Barbarian. Chaotic Neutral. Played by Lianne.
Lord’s Alliance.
Weapon: maul

Personality: Hyper. Silly. Assertive. Rough & rowdy, yet very playful, love to prank others. Needs to have fun and shenanigans above all…..though treasure is pretty important too. Reckless show-off. Can be prideful, and ornery. He works soft, and plays hard. Often gets into tavern brawls. Has an extensive swearing vocabulary. Loves to adorn himself with random fancy headpieces (usually stolen). Has occasional bouts of kleptomania, and names every item he steals and keeps. Has occasional bouts of blacking out (due to excessive consumption of fermented brews). Loves beer, liquor, mead….and sometime wine. NOT good at keeping a low profile….even though he really should….
Flips a coin for making most non-crucial decisions……and some very crucial decisions. Will disguise him self as a female elf child when necessary….and also when unnecessary. When not actively adventuring, he can most often be found drinking, dancing, and/or brawling in pubs, or gambling….sometimes pants-less (with underwear, not nude)….though sometimes nude.


Background: He ran away from his home village at a very young age. Lived as street urchin in a big city for a few years. Temporarily joined a gang, until he abandoned his thugish posse to be a “sailor”…..of the swashbuckling sort. He once set a duke’s hat on fire. He has a warrant out for his arrest for theft, arson, indecent exposure, and destruction of public property. He has a cursed locket that he can’t open……


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