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Player Characters:

alphabetical? Random? What do you think?
Alyana Catfolk Bard played by Sharon
Bailey played by Rachel
Barnaby Halfling Barbarian (and Wayfarer, sword) played by Lianne
Bunny Human Fighter played by Dan
Chiathi Drow Paladin played by Karen
Lia Wood Elf Ranger played by Jun
Lilith Wood Elf Rogue played by Stephanie
Morty played by Dan
Muk Elf Bard played by Jonathan
N.A.C. played by Kara
Rick Human “wizard” Played by Kara
Ronald Wood Elf Druid played by Brian
?? Dwarf wizard? played by Sally

(I apologize for those left off I can’t remember any character details)


Transitional at moment from a commingling of book encounters and premade one-shots to an overarching but still but scattered homebrew. The Valmere game was the start of the transition to the custom play.

Game logs and Wiki info about game/etc.:

Adventure Log
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New Characters:
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