Character rules

Current characters:

Level 2-5 I believe

New characters:

Feel free to start a character at level 1-4.

Build rules:

All normal official D&D AL rules are acceptable. Additional non-AL rules that are acceptable are listed below…

Non-official character rules acceptable:


rolled during game session acceptable- we have slightly altered rolling rules (to make truly epic characters).


Any official classes (PHB, EE, Sword Coast) plus UA (unearthed arcana) classes.


Same as classes sources, plus other sources pending review & approval (to make sure not obviously over or under powered compared to standard races).


Same as classes, plus any following custom background rules (but please keep it reasonable)


Evil alignments pending DM review. Keep in mind if DM changes you may need to re-check and may have to play them neutral for some DMs even if others are okay with it. Sharon has okayed one proposed evil alignment that does not appear overly disruptive/ destructive (more prone to evil acts rather than evil for evil’s sake)

Starting equipment:

Standard build rules apply. Minor magic or cursed items pending general consensus of party/GM to allow.

Character rules

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