Bad Wolves

Return of the Magi
Can it be? Is that Marlo the Magnificent? Oh god, run for your lives.

Leaving the frozen castle the next morning, Barnaby, Bunny, Eflan and Ronald noticed all the ice sculptures (ice people) were gone. Following wagon tracks back to the main road they found the wagon, and found someone else- Waldo the Wondrous (DM note: may have been called Marlo last time, when he was accidentally blowing up his tower).

Waldo was convinced he would find glory by saving all the ice people. He had just the recipe to do it, he just needed a few ingredients first: Hair of the dog that bit you, a toll from a troll, the mouth of a mephit, and a tear from a weeping Willow.

The party headed out, making atrocious barking noises. They attracted the attention of a Yeti and two mephits. After taking down the Yeti they jumped the mephits, grappling them, and gaining a mephit head. They returned the head to Waldo then continued on.

This time they did find wolves. And took care of them quickly. Barnaby now has a new winter wolf cloak.

They continued down the path, seeking the bridge. There Eflan heard whimpering and jumped off the bridge to investigate. He found a troll, afraid and cowering. She let him know there was no toll anymore. He still offered a toll if she would make change. It took an unusual amount of convincing to get the troll to accept any toll. And somehow she still refused to give change. At this point Barnaby joined in and found his irresistibleness crossed species lines. He had a new admirer. While she was focused on convincing Barnaby to be her new husband and troll collector, Eflan snuck around and stole an old toll. He also then offered her a toll, no change required. They also gleaned a touch of information- the troll had seen a willow walk by in the past.

The party wandered the hillside, looking for willows and not sure if they were looking for a tree or humanoid. What they found was a ghost. Her name was Willow and she died of exposure on the treacherously cold pass, which is named Willow Pass after her. Upon first encountering her and learning her name, they began telling terrible puns. At which she lightly laughed but did not cry. They continued for a bit before Bunny asked how she died, at which point she immediately burst into tears. Unfortunately, Elfan’s attempts to collect the tears were unsuccessful as his bottle passed through the ghost and ghostly tears. Finally, after discussions with Willow and the party explaining their needs, Willow stepped in to help possessing Elfan. Willow shed a tear in her borrowed body and they were able to successfully collect it.

Having successfully retrieved the remaining ingredients Waldo the Wondrous needed, they returned to him. Waldo brewed a concoction and performed a ritual resulting in several small aliquot a of cures, which were to be mixed with a hair from each statue and fed to them.

Being told the time was short before the antidote would lose potency, all party members split up to begin collecting hair and administering potion. They lightly chiseled small pieces of ice state hair from heads and mustaches, mixed them in potion and begun rubbing the potion across the statues lips until they began to return to flesh. Only one small mishap occurred during the chiseling, when Bunny’s chisel slipped and cracked the side of a statue’s head. As it turned to flesh it began to bleed and Ronald graciously provided some healing.

The princess, returned to life, was saddened by the loss of her sister but thankful to the great wizard who Brewed the potion to bring them all back to life and gifted him with a ring.

The party escorted the saved princess and townsfolk to their town, before continuing their journey to the far lands. Waldo the Wondrous had already resumed his journey by this time.

The party continued their Journey to the far lands, encountering no more trouble. They followed the river and reached town, passing the makeshift circus to enter town, where they immediately sought out a tavern. The town and tavern was all bustling with adventurers of all races and styles. Very much their kind of people.

Hell Hath Frozen Part 2
STORMing the Castle

As Lilith, Chathy and Mishenri departed the manor house late in evening, Greyanna, Barnaby, Bailey and Eflan stayed comfortable in the warm room getting a good nights rest. The next morning a knock on the door brought the arrival of the wayward Druid, Ronald, to join their search for the ice princess.

The morning was as blisteringly cold as usual, but a lack of snowing meant a small glimmer of a building could be seen on a far rise of the mountains. The party set out to investigate.

On the way, they were met by some of the odd inhabitants of this frozen world, and battled a frightful Yeti and a group of obnoxious ice mephitis. They made short work of the mephitis after destroying the yeti, and were able to make the rest of their journey to the ice fortress unhindered.

At the ice fortress they were met with an ice bridge leading to the entrance of a cave made of ice. The moment Bailey set foot on the ice bridge, a large ice monster appeared, angry and focused on stopping the party from crossing the bridge they came to.

Braving the cold surrounding the elemental, the party began beating on the large monster, until Bailey once again began crossing the bridge, at which point the monster tried to break the bridge then pursue Bailey across. The party quickly turned him down and crossed his leftover rubble to follow Bailey towards the sorceress that disappeared into the ice fortress.

As the party came in, …Summary Still In Progress…

Hell Hath Frozen Part 1
Into the storm

Characters: Bailey, Barnaby, Professor Eflan, Lilith, Chathy, Mishenri, and Greyanna

As the adventurers neared the looming mountains they made way into the last town for a while for supplies before making their way over the mountain pass.

In town, they stopped at the first tavern they saw and got down to the usual business- entertaining the locals with Bailey’s dancing, Barnaby working his unknown charm on the ladies and gentlemen, and Lilith helping it all along. They soon noticed Barnaby had a watcher. Could it be one of his usual admirers or did the paper sticking out of her bag tell another story? And who was that tweedy gentlemen also eying the party members?

Turns out there were two patrons who knew of the bounty and had an interest in the party. Despite Grayanna being an assassin out for a bounty, that’s not why she was eyeing Barnaby Barnaby’s irresistible charm (-ed locket) drew her in. Approaching the party as an assassin, she fell under the spell and gave up her pursuit of gold to pursue Barnaby. At least until it wore off. And the gentleman in tweed was closer to what he’d look like than most would think: a professor there to study the mating habits of adventurers. And with what he’s now seen already this party will be a lucrative study subject… For something at least.

The party joined a wagon as protectors to gain some legitimacy for their travels on the road, under the agreement they can store items in the wagon and will protect the wagon if attacked. Any loot (or animal parts) is the party’s to keep.

During their first night on the road with the he wagon, a little white bear wandered in. Followed shortly after by Mama and Papa polar bear. The party made relatively quick work of them. They even managed to get the grateful folks from the wagon to help them skin the animals and made makeshift winter coats from them.

On their second day on the road, as the air grew chill and the odd snow fell, a man stumbled across the road into the path of their wagon. He was chilled and exhausted. But worse, he appeared to be slowly turning to ice. One of the party was able to telepathically communicate with the man and discovered there was something wrong in the nearby town of Edenvale. Something about the queen. Something terrible.

The party left the wagon to travel on alone while the party continued up towards Edenvale. The snow grew thicker as they approached the town walls. Entering the town, they began discovering ice statues scattered about, appearing to depict either common people going about everyday life… Or people in terror. Additionally, magic was everywhere in this town, from the statues to the snow falling, it was so prevalent one area of magic could not be distinguished from the next.

As they continued through making their way toward the main castle, they came across a town center with a young girl standing alone. Unique about this statue was it was wearing a cape that was made of fabric rather than stone. Upon touching the cape the party was attacked by a giant ice monster and a group of ice mephitis, all that appeared to be protecting the statue.

Once their battle was complete, further study showed a young girl in fine, wealthy clothing. There were also multiple days worth of flowers placed gently at her feet. Also, upon removing and wearing the cloak, it turned out to be magic and provide cold resistance and resistance to effects of the cold environment here.

The party continued to the castle where they found it abandoned. It appeared the servants were long gone, and the occupants more recently gone. The party found a painting of two women, one bearing the clear image of the ice state of the girl in the square. Other portraits displayed a familial resemblance to these women. They also found journals depicting the struggles of the two women. Once not understanding the changes in behavior of her older sister, the other struggling with powers beyond her control. They also found the younger woman’s room had an odd enchantment on it. The terrifying cold did not reach this room and they were able to find a good night’s rest in comfort here to rest up for their search for the ice queen.

On the Horizon Part 2
There be dragons. Some adventures may be beyond reach.

A few party members decided to follow up on the lead about the caravans being raided. They opted to head back to the location of the wagon that was raided a few days prior.

On the way there they discovered a more recent attack, which a burned wagon in a smokey haze. Abandoned by any survivors. Two men lay dead, the wagon driver and a bandit.

The bandit lay beaten among a few treasures beside a chest he appeared to be stealing.

Upon attempt to open the chest they discovered it’s true secret. It was a mimic looking for some nom noms.

The adventurers made quick work of it once the party members managed to get their hand… And foot… Free of its sticky hold.

Following the path the raiders carelessly left, they found their base of operations in a cave in the hills. They opted to wait out and scout, to try and invade when the dragon was not inside.

After the dragon left they found a small party of raiders leave the cavern with donkeys – the wagon looting team.

They killed all but one and kept him for questioning (then killed him). The info they found- this party had two dragon handlers, three dragons and this one looting party. Other members of this operation died by dragon at one point or another. Sadly, with adult dragons around, this was clearly a job for more experienced adventurers.

The adventurers made their way by the nearest town to report their findings and have word sent to all nearby towns to beware of the dragon raiders, and to recruit elite adventurers to take care of the problem.

TL:DR; The adventurers are heroes, but they aren’t stupid heroes.

On the Horizon P1
Whats up with the dragons lately?

The adventurers met up with some more of the party and helped explain the “Wanted: Reward. Dead or dead” type posters for that have been popping up surprisingly quickly in nearby towns. As Bunny and Alyana split off, Natures Anarchist Child (Nac), Bailey, Barnaby, Ronald, Chathi, and Lilith found a new friend, Muk, the young elvish singing sewer bard. He apparently followed them home from Aspenwood, the little town where Bunny, Bailey and Alyana saved the little dragon.

As the seven adventurers set off they soon noticed something nearby. Approaching they discovered a slain gold dragon, a severely injured adventurer, and his two children. As an unnamed portion of the adventurers decided how best to cut open a dragon tummy without getting all the gory bits splattered on them, Nac and Bailey formed a camaraderie with the adventurer and kids.

Here is his tale:
His name is Jandar Murnyethara. Jandar, his wife Quelenna, and their kids Antinua and Varis had decided to travel to the far lands seeking the treasure and adventure rumored of those parts. Both Jandar and Quelenna were retired adventurers starting anew.

They had been set upon in their caravan by raiders using chained dragons to destroy and burn the caravans so they could pick through the debris for gold and valuables. He believes the other caravans got away but they did not and lost many of their possessions in their fleeing from the dragons and raiders. Quelenna was lost in this battle.

They were then several days later attacked again by a starving and injured adult gold dragon that had since escaped the raiders but was still acting oddly for a good noble creature such as a gold dragon. Jandar stood strong against the dragon loosing a leg in the attack but ultimately killing the dragon protecting what remained of his family.

The party kindly agreed to assist him to a nearby farming town where they thought their bounty would not be noticed. Ronald, being a useful Druid rather than a kicky Druid for once, finally agreed to turn into a horse to carry the injured man. As the other adventurers met Jandar, some remembered the name as a well known and respected adventurer from a couple decades prior.

They were stumbled upon by a troll in the middle of the night but easily defeated him. Or at least easily once they figured out they needed a little something extra, fire for instance.

Bailey, Barnaby, and Lilith brought the man into the town itself where he quickly sent word for an old friend to help with his leg problem. Jandar told the adventurers his wife was truly the one who wanted to return to adventuring and without her they did not intend to continue their journey so far away but return to the home they left, but first he must get his leg corrected. Knowing he would have to pay for services despite being an old friend, he made a last bargain for the remaining coin he needed, he would sell his +1 greatsword to the adventurers at a bargain so he would have the money he needed since all his other valuables were lost. Barnaby took him up on the offer. He also told them details of which way the raiders were headed with assurances of valuables they stole to be recovered in reward for bringing his family’s attackers and wife’s murderers to justice. And after a night with the sword Barnaby discovered he had gotten a little more than he bargained for. This sword was a sentient sword calling itself Wayfarer, and it brings with it a thirst for adventure and many joyous tunes it learned long ago- Jandar had a second motive in selling his old friend, and that was letting Wayfarer return to the adventuring life it desired.

The adventurers left the town, Barnaby was singing songs of adventure with Wayfarer, and Bailey singing along with Barnaby (Don’t remember what Lilith was up to).

TL:DR; Party assisted a retired adventurer and his kids after one last battle with a dragon left him without a leg to stand on.

Burning Bridges
...And houses and barns and stupid people

Alyana and Bunny split off and met up with Bailey. They headed towards the next village when they noticed smoke. Cresting the rise they noticed two sources of smoke, suspecting the fires were in the woods and the village. They started that way and came to the bridge. Bunny found a dead man with an arm missing who was crushed from a high fall. The bridge was near the woods on fire and Bailey was successful on watering down some glowing embers so they could cross safely. Running for the town they encountered and quickly took care of a Displacer beast who escaped the fire then found what it thought was a convenient meal.

Coming into the town it was clear while there were some fires throughout the town, the majority came from a barn near the edge of town. Outside the barn they found four men holding down a dragon with chains, with two more men beating the dragon with clubs. What first appeared to be a red dragon wyrmling was soon discovered to be a bloody gold dragon wyrmling.
The dragon just wanted to escape and almost everyone took a little fire damage in the fight. The adventurers fighting to free the beaten little dragon, the dragon fighting to get away from these people, and everyone else fighting just to hold on to their catch.
Ultimately the adventurers succeeded and the dragon managed to escape back to wherever it came. None of the men survived to tell the tale of how they came to have a wyrmling or what they planned to do with it.

The party did, however, come away with some curious items those men no longer need. A curious ancient ivory statue bearing a resemblance to Lady Illyria but much older than she appears. They also found three curious items quite alien to them- a telescope that looks into an alien sky, an astrological chart with fine and expensive details that appears to show the same unknown sky, and a set of three coins, also unknown.

For anyone following the antics of our famished fighter, no monstrous meals were had this day.

…Oh, and Bunny joined a health club, I mean he gained a health club. “No pain no gain”?

TL;DR: Foolish men captured a little dragon, things ended poorly for them.

Endings and beginnings again
Whoops. -Party / Mwahahahaha -DM

The party came to the town of Valmere and sought refuge for the night. First up, the local tavern to see what friendly barns there might be, and get some munchies and ale. While there the dancing Bunny and Lia saw a girl, who quickly disappeared when spotted. When they gave chase, they were interrupted by a guard with urgent business wanting to hire the party.

Lady Illyria is a powerful Noble with connections across the lands. Her beloved son had disappeared and she believed him kidnapped and wanted to hire the party to rescue him. He had been disappearing lately but never before for a week. Investigation into his disappearance revealed there was a local cult a couple days outside of town, but they didn’t have the resources or skill to take on a cult and sought adventurers to help. She also made it very clear, any failure would be met with dire consequences.

The party set out and on the first night on the road to the caves cultists were spotted at, they had an unusual nighttime visitor. A Catfolk young lady with a lute was camped out in close proximity to the party- she was following them. And it was the same girl from the tavern. Turns out she had fallen in love with Illyria’s son Nolan, but they’d been separated by his mother, and he’d begun acting strangely after that. She feared for him and wished to use her new bard skills to help his rescue! Alyana provided some additional details about locating the cave the cultists were seen near, and helped figure out when there would be the least number of cultists to fight to rescue Nolan.

The next day on the road the party encountered some bandits with wolves, and sustained some minor injuries fighting them off.

They had an uneventful night and reached the cave mid morning. Sneaking in, Lilith and Lia determined there were only three cultists inside. The party entered and while extinguishing torches were noticed by a cultist, and a drake that had been hiding in the dark. The party was victorious in defeating the cultists and ambush drake, but couldn’t find Nolan…
…until they did.

Turns out Nolan had become a member of the cult, and trained to become a relatively powerful spellcaster. Alyana knew enough about Lady Illyria to know this was a very bad situation. Bringing back a dead son was a certain death sentence, and failing to bring back her son wouldn’t be much different. They had just made a powerful enemy that would not stop until she had their heads.

They’d been hearing rumors of late of a town on the edge of the civilized world in search of adventurers. A town of adventurers and outcasts that is likely beyond even Lady Illyria’s connections. Alyana knows vaguely of this town, as her family was from the wildlands beyond. So the adventurers have begun their journey, avoiding towns and cities for fear of the bounties surely on their heads.

The adventurers now have a sizable bounty on their heads for the murder of Lord Nolan of Valmere, son of Lady Illyria of Valmere.

Curiously, no word of the cult or his membership could be found, perhaps Lady Illyria managed to hush up that scandal.

And the party’s prior companions aren’t safe either- congratulations, you’re a known associate of the murderers and wanted for information to their whereabouts. Information by force, if necessary. The party will also send messages through shady channels to the other party members of their plans so you can join them. You’ve also heard rumors of this lucrative adventuring town.

Anyone who has not yet played a game with Bunny, Lia, Lilith or Ronald will be able to either encounter and join them during their journey, or separately make their way to the adventuring town and join them there.

TL:DR; Party went to rescue a kid for a reward, ended up with a reward on their heads instead.

Welcome to Bad Wolves Campaign
Creating campaign page for homebrew portions of campaign to save info

Hi all,

Since I’d like to track NPCs, places, events, etc that happen and want others to add input, insights, and customizations to make the campaigns a Wolves campaign, I am creating a wiki!

This will also serve to keep members who miss a game appraised of the party progress so they can catch up.

Don’t know what to start on? I’ll start adding some info from the last game, so feel free to read through. Also please add some details on your character. Since we’ll be home brewing also include any ambitions you as a player have for your character.



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