Waldo the Wondrous

The Disastrously Dangerous Wizard


Waldo the Wondrous is a high level wizard who just can’t seem to get things quite right. But they seem to turn out okay in the end so all is well.

He is well known for crazily elaborate recipes for potions and rituals that require some unusual ingredients that often require adventurers’ help to obtain.

Little does the party know, they’ll be seeing a lot more of Old Waldo.


Waldo the Wondrous first ran into some of the characters outside his Wizards tower in his hometown as he was almost setting off a little, minor, won’t hardly be noticed end of the world. Luckily some adventurers wandered by just in time to get the necessary ingredients to correct he problem before it became too explosive. (Happened prior to transition to Far Lands adventures).

Waldo the Wondrous

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