Bad Wolves

Return of the Magi

Can it be? Is that Marlo the Magnificent? Oh god, run for your lives.

Leaving the frozen castle the next morning, Barnaby, Bunny, Eflan and Ronald noticed all the ice sculptures (ice people) were gone. Following wagon tracks back to the main road they found the wagon, and found someone else- Waldo the Wondrous (DM note: may have been called Marlo last time, when he was accidentally blowing up his tower).

Waldo was convinced he would find glory by saving all the ice people. He had just the recipe to do it, he just needed a few ingredients first: Hair of the dog that bit you, a toll from a troll, the mouth of a mephit, and a tear from a weeping Willow.

The party headed out, making atrocious barking noises. They attracted the attention of a Yeti and two mephits. After taking down the Yeti they jumped the mephits, grappling them, and gaining a mephit head. They returned the head to Waldo then continued on.

This time they did find wolves. And took care of them quickly. Barnaby now has a new winter wolf cloak.

They continued down the path, seeking the bridge. There Eflan heard whimpering and jumped off the bridge to investigate. He found a troll, afraid and cowering. She let him know there was no toll anymore. He still offered a toll if she would make change. It took an unusual amount of convincing to get the troll to accept any toll. And somehow she still refused to give change. At this point Barnaby joined in and found his irresistibleness crossed species lines. He had a new admirer. While she was focused on convincing Barnaby to be her new husband and troll collector, Eflan snuck around and stole an old toll. He also then offered her a toll, no change required. They also gleaned a touch of information- the troll had seen a willow walk by in the past.

The party wandered the hillside, looking for willows and not sure if they were looking for a tree or humanoid. What they found was a ghost. Her name was Willow and she died of exposure on the treacherously cold pass, which is named Willow Pass after her. Upon first encountering her and learning her name, they began telling terrible puns. At which she lightly laughed but did not cry. They continued for a bit before Bunny asked how she died, at which point she immediately burst into tears. Unfortunately, Elfan’s attempts to collect the tears were unsuccessful as his bottle passed through the ghost and ghostly tears. Finally, after discussions with Willow and the party explaining their needs, Willow stepped in to help possessing Elfan. Willow shed a tear in her borrowed body and they were able to successfully collect it.

Having successfully retrieved the remaining ingredients Waldo the Wondrous needed, they returned to him. Waldo brewed a concoction and performed a ritual resulting in several small aliquot a of cures, which were to be mixed with a hair from each statue and fed to them.

Being told the time was short before the antidote would lose potency, all party members split up to begin collecting hair and administering potion. They lightly chiseled small pieces of ice state hair from heads and mustaches, mixed them in potion and begun rubbing the potion across the statues lips until they began to return to flesh. Only one small mishap occurred during the chiseling, when Bunny’s chisel slipped and cracked the side of a statue’s head. As it turned to flesh it began to bleed and Ronald graciously provided some healing.

The princess, returned to life, was saddened by the loss of her sister but thankful to the great wizard who Brewed the potion to bring them all back to life and gifted him with a ring.

The party escorted the saved princess and townsfolk to their town, before continuing their journey to the far lands. Waldo the Wondrous had already resumed his journey by this time.

The party continued their Journey to the far lands, encountering no more trouble. They followed the river and reached town, passing the makeshift circus to enter town, where they immediately sought out a tavern. The town and tavern was all bustling with adventurers of all races and styles. Very much their kind of people.


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