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Whats up with the dragons lately?

The adventurers met up with some more of the party and helped explain the “Wanted: Reward. Dead or dead” type posters for that have been popping up surprisingly quickly in nearby towns. As Bunny and Alyana split off, Natures Anarchist Child (Nac), Bailey, Barnaby, Ronald, Chathi, and Lilith found a new friend, Muk, the young elvish singing sewer bard. He apparently followed them home from Aspenwood, the little town where Bunny, Bailey and Alyana saved the little dragon.

As the seven adventurers set off they soon noticed something nearby. Approaching they discovered a slain gold dragon, a severely injured adventurer, and his two children. As an unnamed portion of the adventurers decided how best to cut open a dragon tummy without getting all the gory bits splattered on them, Nac and Bailey formed a camaraderie with the adventurer and kids.

Here is his tale:
His name is Jandar Murnyethara. Jandar, his wife Quelenna, and their kids Antinua and Varis had decided to travel to the far lands seeking the treasure and adventure rumored of those parts. Both Jandar and Quelenna were retired adventurers starting anew.

They had been set upon in their caravan by raiders using chained dragons to destroy and burn the caravans so they could pick through the debris for gold and valuables. He believes the other caravans got away but they did not and lost many of their possessions in their fleeing from the dragons and raiders. Quelenna was lost in this battle.

They were then several days later attacked again by a starving and injured adult gold dragon that had since escaped the raiders but was still acting oddly for a good noble creature such as a gold dragon. Jandar stood strong against the dragon loosing a leg in the attack but ultimately killing the dragon protecting what remained of his family.

The party kindly agreed to assist him to a nearby farming town where they thought their bounty would not be noticed. Ronald, being a useful Druid rather than a kicky Druid for once, finally agreed to turn into a horse to carry the injured man. As the other adventurers met Jandar, some remembered the name as a well known and respected adventurer from a couple decades prior.

They were stumbled upon by a troll in the middle of the night but easily defeated him. Or at least easily once they figured out they needed a little something extra, fire for instance.

Bailey, Barnaby, and Lilith brought the man into the town itself where he quickly sent word for an old friend to help with his leg problem. Jandar told the adventurers his wife was truly the one who wanted to return to adventuring and without her they did not intend to continue their journey so far away but return to the home they left, but first he must get his leg corrected. Knowing he would have to pay for services despite being an old friend, he made a last bargain for the remaining coin he needed, he would sell his +1 greatsword to the adventurers at a bargain so he would have the money he needed since all his other valuables were lost. Barnaby took him up on the offer. He also told them details of which way the raiders were headed with assurances of valuables they stole to be recovered in reward for bringing his family’s attackers and wife’s murderers to justice. And after a night with the sword Barnaby discovered he had gotten a little more than he bargained for. This sword was a sentient sword calling itself Wayfarer, and it brings with it a thirst for adventure and many joyous tunes it learned long ago- Jandar had a second motive in selling his old friend, and that was letting Wayfarer return to the adventuring life it desired.

The adventurers left the town, Barnaby was singing songs of adventure with Wayfarer, and Bailey singing along with Barnaby (Don’t remember what Lilith was up to).

TL:DR; Party assisted a retired adventurer and his kids after one last battle with a dragon left him without a leg to stand on.


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