Bad Wolves

Hell Hath Frozen Part 2

STORMing the Castle

As Lilith, Chathy and Mishenri departed the manor house late in evening, Greyanna, Barnaby, Bailey and Eflan stayed comfortable in the warm room getting a good nights rest. The next morning a knock on the door brought the arrival of the wayward Druid, Ronald, to join their search for the ice princess.

The morning was as blisteringly cold as usual, but a lack of snowing meant a small glimmer of a building could be seen on a far rise of the mountains. The party set out to investigate.

On the way, they were met by some of the odd inhabitants of this frozen world, and battled a frightful Yeti and a group of obnoxious ice mephitis. They made short work of the mephitis after destroying the yeti, and were able to make the rest of their journey to the ice fortress unhindered.

At the ice fortress they were met with an ice bridge leading to the entrance of a cave made of ice. The moment Bailey set foot on the ice bridge, a large ice monster appeared, angry and focused on stopping the party from crossing the bridge they came to.

Braving the cold surrounding the elemental, the party began beating on the large monster, until Bailey once again began crossing the bridge, at which point the monster tried to break the bridge then pursue Bailey across. The party quickly turned him down and crossed his leftover rubble to follow Bailey towards the sorceress that disappeared into the ice fortress.

As the party came in, …Summary Still In Progress…


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