Bad Wolves

Hell Hath Frozen Part 1

Into the storm

Characters: Bailey, Barnaby, Professor Eflan, Lilith, Chathy, Mishenri, and Greyanna

As the adventurers neared the looming mountains they made way into the last town for a while for supplies before making their way over the mountain pass.

In town, they stopped at the first tavern they saw and got down to the usual business- entertaining the locals with Bailey’s dancing, Barnaby working his unknown charm on the ladies and gentlemen, and Lilith helping it all along. They soon noticed Barnaby had a watcher. Could it be one of his usual admirers or did the paper sticking out of her bag tell another story? And who was that tweedy gentlemen also eying the party members?

Turns out there were two patrons who knew of the bounty and had an interest in the party. Despite Grayanna being an assassin out for a bounty, that’s not why she was eyeing Barnaby Barnaby’s irresistible charm (-ed locket) drew her in. Approaching the party as an assassin, she fell under the spell and gave up her pursuit of gold to pursue Barnaby. At least until it wore off. And the gentleman in tweed was closer to what he’d look like than most would think: a professor there to study the mating habits of adventurers. And with what he’s now seen already this party will be a lucrative study subject… For something at least.

The party joined a wagon as protectors to gain some legitimacy for their travels on the road, under the agreement they can store items in the wagon and will protect the wagon if attacked. Any loot (or animal parts) is the party’s to keep.

During their first night on the road with the he wagon, a little white bear wandered in. Followed shortly after by Mama and Papa polar bear. The party made relatively quick work of them. They even managed to get the grateful folks from the wagon to help them skin the animals and made makeshift winter coats from them.

On their second day on the road, as the air grew chill and the odd snow fell, a man stumbled across the road into the path of their wagon. He was chilled and exhausted. But worse, he appeared to be slowly turning to ice. One of the party was able to telepathically communicate with the man and discovered there was something wrong in the nearby town of Edenvale. Something about the queen. Something terrible.

The party left the wagon to travel on alone while the party continued up towards Edenvale. The snow grew thicker as they approached the town walls. Entering the town, they began discovering ice statues scattered about, appearing to depict either common people going about everyday life… Or people in terror. Additionally, magic was everywhere in this town, from the statues to the snow falling, it was so prevalent one area of magic could not be distinguished from the next.

As they continued through making their way toward the main castle, they came across a town center with a young girl standing alone. Unique about this statue was it was wearing a cape that was made of fabric rather than stone. Upon touching the cape the party was attacked by a giant ice monster and a group of ice mephitis, all that appeared to be protecting the statue.

Once their battle was complete, further study showed a young girl in fine, wealthy clothing. There were also multiple days worth of flowers placed gently at her feet. Also, upon removing and wearing the cloak, it turned out to be magic and provide cold resistance and resistance to effects of the cold environment here.

The party continued to the castle where they found it abandoned. It appeared the servants were long gone, and the occupants more recently gone. The party found a painting of two women, one bearing the clear image of the ice state of the girl in the square. Other portraits displayed a familial resemblance to these women. They also found journals depicting the struggles of the two women. Once not understanding the changes in behavior of her older sister, the other struggling with powers beyond her control. They also found the younger woman’s room had an odd enchantment on it. The terrifying cold did not reach this room and they were able to find a good night’s rest in comfort here to rest up for their search for the ice queen.


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