Bad Wolves

Endings and beginnings again

Whoops. -Party / Mwahahahaha -DM

The party came to the town of Valmere and sought refuge for the night. First up, the local tavern to see what friendly barns there might be, and get some munchies and ale. While there the dancing Bunny and Lia saw a girl, who quickly disappeared when spotted. When they gave chase, they were interrupted by a guard with urgent business wanting to hire the party.

Lady Illyria is a powerful Noble with connections across the lands. Her beloved son had disappeared and she believed him kidnapped and wanted to hire the party to rescue him. He had been disappearing lately but never before for a week. Investigation into his disappearance revealed there was a local cult a couple days outside of town, but they didn’t have the resources or skill to take on a cult and sought adventurers to help. She also made it very clear, any failure would be met with dire consequences.

The party set out and on the first night on the road to the caves cultists were spotted at, they had an unusual nighttime visitor. A Catfolk young lady with a lute was camped out in close proximity to the party- she was following them. And it was the same girl from the tavern. Turns out she had fallen in love with Illyria’s son Nolan, but they’d been separated by his mother, and he’d begun acting strangely after that. She feared for him and wished to use her new bard skills to help his rescue! Alyana provided some additional details about locating the cave the cultists were seen near, and helped figure out when there would be the least number of cultists to fight to rescue Nolan.

The next day on the road the party encountered some bandits with wolves, and sustained some minor injuries fighting them off.

They had an uneventful night and reached the cave mid morning. Sneaking in, Lilith and Lia determined there were only three cultists inside. The party entered and while extinguishing torches were noticed by a cultist, and a drake that had been hiding in the dark. The party was victorious in defeating the cultists and ambush drake, but couldn’t find Nolan…
…until they did.

Turns out Nolan had become a member of the cult, and trained to become a relatively powerful spellcaster. Alyana knew enough about Lady Illyria to know this was a very bad situation. Bringing back a dead son was a certain death sentence, and failing to bring back her son wouldn’t be much different. They had just made a powerful enemy that would not stop until she had their heads.

They’d been hearing rumors of late of a town on the edge of the civilized world in search of adventurers. A town of adventurers and outcasts that is likely beyond even Lady Illyria’s connections. Alyana knows vaguely of this town, as her family was from the wildlands beyond. So the adventurers have begun their journey, avoiding towns and cities for fear of the bounties surely on their heads.

The adventurers now have a sizable bounty on their heads for the murder of Lord Nolan of Valmere, son of Lady Illyria of Valmere.

Curiously, no word of the cult or his membership could be found, perhaps Lady Illyria managed to hush up that scandal.

And the party’s prior companions aren’t safe either- congratulations, you’re a known associate of the murderers and wanted for information to their whereabouts. Information by force, if necessary. The party will also send messages through shady channels to the other party members of their plans so you can join them. You’ve also heard rumors of this lucrative adventuring town.

Anyone who has not yet played a game with Bunny, Lia, Lilith or Ronald will be able to either encounter and join them during their journey, or separately make their way to the adventuring town and join them there.

TL:DR; Party went to rescue a kid for a reward, ended up with a reward on their heads instead.


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