Bad Wolves

Burning Bridges

...And houses and barns and stupid people

Alyana and Bunny split off and met up with Bailey. They headed towards the next village when they noticed smoke. Cresting the rise they noticed two sources of smoke, suspecting the fires were in the woods and the village. They started that way and came to the bridge. Bunny found a dead man with an arm missing who was crushed from a high fall. The bridge was near the woods on fire and Bailey was successful on watering down some glowing embers so they could cross safely. Running for the town they encountered and quickly took care of a Displacer beast who escaped the fire then found what it thought was a convenient meal.

Coming into the town it was clear while there were some fires throughout the town, the majority came from a barn near the edge of town. Outside the barn they found four men holding down a dragon with chains, with two more men beating the dragon with clubs. What first appeared to be a red dragon wyrmling was soon discovered to be a bloody gold dragon wyrmling.
The dragon just wanted to escape and almost everyone took a little fire damage in the fight. The adventurers fighting to free the beaten little dragon, the dragon fighting to get away from these people, and everyone else fighting just to hold on to their catch.
Ultimately the adventurers succeeded and the dragon managed to escape back to wherever it came. None of the men survived to tell the tale of how they came to have a wyrmling or what they planned to do with it.

The party did, however, come away with some curious items those men no longer need. A curious ancient ivory statue bearing a resemblance to Lady Illyria but much older than she appears. They also found three curious items quite alien to them- a telescope that looks into an alien sky, an astrological chart with fine and expensive details that appears to show the same unknown sky, and a set of three coins, also unknown.

For anyone following the antics of our famished fighter, no monstrous meals were had this day.

…Oh, and Bunny joined a health club, I mean he gained a health club. “No pain no gain”?

TL;DR: Foolish men captured a little dragon, things ended poorly for them.


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