Setting this up as a place to share notes and post summaries for a collaborative homebrew campaign.

Sharon will be helping with setting and at least initially GMing a large amount. She is currently set as campaign GM.

Campaign will be run with plot points and gods must be crazy mechanics. Basically, for plot points you’ll have chances to insert elements important to your character’s story into the campaign… Or just fuck with it a little. For gods must be crazy, those who want to GM will get to share GMing. GMing will be interest based and intent is to share GMing responsibility for players feeling comfortable GMing. We’ll also try to prepare some that can be slotted in for players who want to try their hand at GMing but want an adventure to run rather than creating one.

Campaign setup is more of a setting and overarching scenario than a predetermined story line. Existing one-shots and custom adventures should be easy to set in to the campaign.

Current characters:
Alyana Khan
Natures Anarchist Child (NAC)
Professor Eflan
Rick Sanchez
Ronald McDonald
…and a few more.

Bad Wolves

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